Posted by: AnneW | 11 Jun 08

FND_LOG is my friend…

I like FND_LOG because he listens when you tell him to and remembers everything verbatim that is told to him.  But like most friends there are quirks that are fustrating at times.  I tell FND_LOG tell me the “error messages” in “AP”… so he does, but takes the words literally when I meant anything that is vaguely error like and from AP or anyone else who interacts with AP, like etax, PO, SLA or PSA, but unfortunately FND_LOG cannot read my mind.

I guess its my fault for not being more precise but I’m going to whine a bit anyways.  The whining has to do with who FND_LOG is listening to … each person is using different words (slang, dialect, accent) to say the same thing.  Error can be ERR, err, warning, msg, message or status.   I find speaking to FND_LOG more often helps as you get use to how each person communicates.

FND_LOG can be my BF, but not BFF, as hopefully one day I won’t have to talk to FND_LOG at all!



  1. Anne,

    So you refer to FND_LOG as a he – are you sure it’s male?

    For me FND_LOG is a friend I’ve neglected, I don’t talk to him a lot these days, but he doesn’t take these things personally so it’ll be ok.

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